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“Greetings friend,” said I.

“Do you need help?” asked my friend.

“Oh, no thank you,” was my reply,

So my friend said, “this will only meet a bitter end.”

“I’m here by no accident,” I explained.

“For perspective changed is perspective gained.”

“Are you certain Mr. Turtle?” asked my friend with a frown.

I answered,”Oh yes, quite certain, I’ll watch the world upside-down.”

“I think I’ll join you if I may,” my friend declared.

And I replied, “Of course”, as my interest flared.

So down beside me Mr. Hare laid,

right in the middle of our sunny glade.

After a while he said, “Well, that was fun but I gotta scurry.”

“You go ahead,” I said, “I’m in no hurry.”


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