The Perspections of Human Deception


United States
39° 54' 31.0644" N, 89° 35' 48.8616" W

Spread like thick mist of perpetual darkness,
The harbinger, the evil, the snake, mischievous. Slithers.
Spreads the black cloud of human error across the deep souls of mortal man.

Dealer of Death and suffering, he,
Scythes the grain of the soul, cutting,
Grain by grain, till nothing but a stalk remain.
Till only primitive trepidation appear.

Time, wasted away, without our conscience knowing, consumed, restricted,
confined to the tangibles of sorrowful world.
Which in the end, when final darkness encroaches, die.
Wasted in result of our rapaciousness.

Weep, cry, the doom of human life is nothing to fear,
It has been sentenced since the beginning of time,
since the breaking vow of the original man and wife,
who’s exile from Eden commenced human error.

Just like his first deception of man,
play at natural curiosities and primal instinct,
he now has entered many of lives, evil action,
he who resides in darkness,only to be quelled by
an equal and opposite, reaction,
only to be cured by the light of the soaring eagle, the harbinger, the good, the eagle, freeing.

Who Flies. Never Dies.

Merciful light, uplifting, overcomes sorrow, suffering.
Who’s praise, enthralls the believers, worshippers, lovers.
Fear in accompanied with love drives this force.
None of mortal flesh can compare, in strength or power, nor make declaration of blasphemy of falsities.

Knowledge from the sagacious man, a means of continuing life without this doom,
To know the passion, the love.
Can cleanse the souls of those who believe.
Soothe those who grieve.

With this knowledge, he, who can touch the darkness in souls, is combatted with adequate, no lesser, defense to the trickiest tricks of the trickster himself. Who’s intent, can only be matched by the glory of God.

Edification of us, in the moralities of men cannot be established, by one man.
The moralities of men though, are they merely a matter of perspective?
A freedom given to our soul by him.

What makes a moral? One may differ from man to man,
A guideline, an explanation to a righteous life, merely something that is imposed.
Imposed,imprisoning, the savageness of the human form, human nature.

Morality, morals, perspectives.


They, who ponder such a subject, have been subjected to’t and empathize with sinners, grievers, and afflicted.
How far the living have drifted.

Human nature, in youth, appears glorious,
From the beginning of our awakening, we are naïve.
But through studies of human history, the course of time, the breaking of the first bond between man and God,
One sees the true freedom, granted to us, one that is not only absolute, glorious, but dangerous.


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