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Dancing around as if no one is watching when there are many eyes 

Coming up with catchy tunes that can appear on the radio

Dressing in a style that is whimsical, free, and unique

The sound of lauhging echoing through the merry halls

My brain is pondering many thoughts that seem to make no sense

Watching cartoon shows is a time of beauty for me

Discussing topics to my fellow friends that make all of them turn red like fresh ripe tomatoes

Daring to be an individual in this populated world where humans thrive

A bitter taste comes to my mouth when I hear the word "normal"

Singing in the shower with the shower head as my microphone and the tub is my stage

Dancing in the mirror like I am in front of 10,000 screaming fans

Trying new things all the time because I don't wan't to be trapped in "the ordinary"

Imagination soaring like a rocketship in outer space with passing planets and beaming stars all around

My personality is flawless...


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