Personal Seasons


United States
30° 0' 42.75" N, 95° 26' 46.7952" W

In the winter,
I felt something strange
I made angels in my admiration
Expecting it to melt away
And in the Spring,
The flowers began to bloom
My imagination like a bee,
Budding feelings made me see,
These seasons are just a part of me.

In the summer,
The rain ceased to fall
Though I had no emotional drought
I still had famine in my heart
And now in autumn,
The leaves change from green to red
I see colors of all sorts of beauty
I don't know which one is for me
Well, these seasons are just a part of me.

I see all these colors
Red, green, and brown
I'm bouncing between them, my feelings spinning round
And while my mind, heart, and body
Search for the perfect leaves
My soul just wants to find the tree
To stand through these seasons next to me.


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