Love can be a chore-
My heart is made of steal
It beats faster and harder everyday
It's fought a lot of wars
The pain is starting to heal
Although I cannot love-
I long to devote myself
A person whom I can relate
And fly away as a dove
To live perfect in health
The sinners never beg-
The lovers never swore
Company surrounds us
With all but one broken leg
We are damned for more
My mother never loved me-
I can tell you that's true
She never thought to try
I don't want you, said she
The pain hit me out of the blue
I cradled myself to sleep-
Alone the world would lay
I counted the stars one by one
Might as well have been sheep
I had nothing left to say
Now you know my thoughts-
As confusing as they might seem
I've been through too much
I want to be loved a lot
Maybe I'll wake up from this dream


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