To The Person Whose Footsteps I Followed

I experienced many wonders,from clear skies to ones with thunders,from a clean plain to a dirty roadthanks to the personwhose footsteps I followed. I learned to forgive and forget,to dance and sing in duet,to reap what I sowed,thanks to the person whose footsteps I followed. I learned to swallow my pride,to never look on the downside,to share the truth I knowthanks to the personwhose footsteps I followed. To the footsteps I followed,why have your steps slowed?Together, we promised we’d advance,But perhaps this may be our last dance. Mom, although your end is nearI want to say that you’re the reason I don’t fear,Thanks to the kindness and love you bestowed,You’ll forever be the personwhose footsteps I’ll follow.  

This poem is about: 
My family


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