Who am I?

I cry

Why don’t I know

Which way to go? I feel low.

In life.

Why can’t I see

Who I am meant to be?

Why is it hard to trust?

I long for something I lust,

Not to acquire dust,

In life.

Why don’t I fit in

With what’s normally been


I’m starring down the barrel of my own gun,

In life.

The road less traveled that’s what I’m on,

I’m gone.

To try to be-


The one no one else can see


But I know she’s alive.

She’s been tried,

So many times

Almost died.

But yet she still strives

In life.

She lives within

Where she’s always been

Just waiting for the right wind

To send

Her out


Her business

In life.

She’s been trapped,


But she won’t let negativity attach,

Take her soul.

For she has goals

In life.

She’s been hurt,

Brought down to the dirt,

But his plan didn’t work.

Can’t bring her down,

For she’s dream bound

In life.

Can’t keep her in,

Where she’s always been.

She’s ready,

To help me steady.

Take control

In life.

I now know

Who I am.

For I didn’t when

I began,

Writing my journey in life.



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