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My intro to baseball began with my Dad.

And he was always proud of his lad.

The next coach I had was a really bad pill

He will forever be burned in my head, ole Coach Bill.

I was the youngest on my team, not used to the older kids.

But it was clear from the beginning he had to get rid –

Of the youngest, the shortest, most inexperienced kid.

I knew it would be rough and I battled through it.

But every chance he got he made me feel it

Confused, hurt, - the age gap exposed.

And there I was, no longer able to stay composed.

One, two, three strikes – you’re out.

He flew out the dugout and started to shout.

This wasn’t the first time, it continued all season

I wanted to quit, and HE was the reason.

He broke my spirit and I wanted to quit,

But my dad said, “No way, we will work through it.”

The next season, new coach, new goals and determination.

I had to show Coach Bill I survived his humiliation!

With each new season I played harder and got amped.

Til several season’s my team was crowned champs.

Every practice, every game, I developed my skills

And compared those seasons to the one with Coach Bill.

If I listened to him I would have given up my dream

Of playing with the Yankees, my favorite team.

I, right now, am no professional

But my skills grew to the point where now I’m acceptable

To play Division 1 at an area school.

Focus and determination was the golden rule!



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