Perpetual Spring

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 00:02 -- Kae.D

The green of the grass, the color of the flowers; what can compare to the vividness of nature's powers? 

Even through stone the weeds and the moss grow; the wind and sun engulf all that man knows.

The trees,once naked and dyin, now bare fruit that blossoms forthunder the blanket that is the sky.

Perpetual Spring where all that lives shallnever die.

The soil darkens with the water of the rain; it showers stone and sand all the same.

The pink of the tulips and the red of the roses dot the land of ever present field and hills and the water reflecting off the clear sky.

Perpetual Spring where all that lives shall never die.

The cool of the winds touches my skin and the sun enlightens my eyes.

The butterflies scatter, the pollen smells sweet, and the birds sing. 

All that was dead shall live again in this land of Perpetual Spring.

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Our world


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