Performing Arts

I want to be a dancer.

To leap all day in ballet slippers,

maneuvering them into beautiful arches.

Pushing up into arabesque behind my astute body.

Stretching muscles, for the knowledge of new graces.

With the sweat on my legs glistening

like the condensation of an iced drink in the sun.

I want to perform a dance,

twirling on the stage in the bright spotlight.

I want to whirl around gracefully,

creating a glorious moment that people cannot forget.

I want my body to fulfill the moves;

leap, pliépas de bourree.

I want to paint a picture with my humanly figure,

and then bring it to life,

with the angelic movements connecting in one

flawless achievement.


That is the dream!


It is a grander aspiration for me than any other.


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