The Performer

A rush of silence cascades down the dimly lit aisles

A calming sense of anticipation looming in the darkness

A burst of florescent light sparkles on the wooden floor

A chime begins as the music echoes through the speakers


I count the beats as they flow through the room

I point the tip of my toe into the flood of light

I breath in a sense of exhilaration

I whirl and wrap myself in a cloak of comfort


A rush of adrenaline pulses through my veins

A hundred pairs of hungry eyes absorb my every step

A rhythmic beat guides me, my beautiful, invisible muse

A wrong step does not phase me as I glide through my story


I extend into one final leap as the ending notes linger like a quite memory

I am calm and confident as I bask in the roar of applause

I curtsey and carry on with the movement of my daily routine

I take in every step and mistake creating a dance all my own


A world full of spectators creates a stage that is all my own

I am the performer ready to captivate the audience with my strength


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