Perfectly Imperfect [Flawless]

Hair so big and tightly coiled          

that people don’t always know what to think of it.


Dark spots. Acne scars. Too short. Too skinny.

“Do you even eat? Are you on a diet or something?”

No, not really.


No thanks, for your concern.


Painfully shy. Quiet voice. Feels like I’m screaming at the drive thru speaker.

“Why don’t you talk? You’re so anti.”

I just did, only you didn’t listen.



As in, eighteen years old but mistaken for twelve.


Large, beautiful eyes [or so I think]

That garner statements like

“Your eyes are so big”

No elaboration

But meant in a “good way”


Pretty smile

That is rarely seen

Because the day-to-day

Is so exhausting

I’m [flawless]

Perfectly imperfect because


I’m not tall [enough]

My skin isn’t clear [Enough.]

And I don’t speak loudly [ENOUGH!]


I call myself flawless [in the middle of the night]

because I’ve been called

Everything but, so

It makes me feel better


Even if flawless is a lie,

Or the true meaning has been misconstrued,

I shout it up to the sky

to catch your attention.


Calling for

Love and Understanding

Joy and the state of being Carefree [for all of us]


Flawless [Perfectly Imperfect]

Flawless=Perfectly Imperfect


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