Perfectly Imperfect.

"What is it that makes you flawless?" You ask. 
For a long moment I am stumped. 
What is it that makes me flawless? 
If you search in the dictionary for the word
'flawless,' you'll see that it means:
'without blemishes or imperfections; perfect.'
I, on the other hand, believe that being
Flawless is the other way around; perfectly imperfect
Accept your flaws! 
Embrace them! 
What makes me flawless is 
the way I wake up in the morning;
with a bare face and frizzy hair. 
It's the many curves on my body
And the way one of my eyes are bigger
than the other. 
It's the meaty thighs that I own 
Along with a noticeable mole on my right side. 
It's the way I laugh a little too hard, 
When I know I probably shouldn't have. 
I could go on and on and on about just how
Perfectly imperfect I am because I am,
Without a doubt,
F L A W L E S S . 



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