The Perfect Storm

I can't be in a room that's silent too long for my thoughts wonder on you and how your doing and how great he's treating you... My mind wonders and won't stop tormenting me of the laughs we shared, the secrets you told, the snores you made, the perfect storm I wouldn't allow myself to fall victim to. Your smile that you hated, the promises we made, the forever and ever we said, "don't give up on me" you said, the I love you's you whispered to me as I fell asleep, the endless hours and days and months I spent rejecting your love. It took you leaving to make me realize that it was your smile you hated, your bags that wouldn't go away, the snores I fell in love with, the hours and hours of talking, the secrets you trusted me with, the life you tried to begin with me. It took all that for me to realize, your storm wasn't destructive, it was the only place I felt at home.

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This poem was beautiful and haunting. It left the feeling of something empty and missing- a presence that you yearn for in a crowded room. They were simple and beautiful words, and I especially like that this can be given to many different types of relationships not just a single one, it makes me more relatable. My favorite line would have to be the final one, because it packed a punch while making your heart swell. Thank you so much for sharing this piece.


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