The Perfect Love

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 01:44 -- l_blake

The perfect love story is ideal.

But perfect love can’t exist in imperfect people.

So why do we even try?


Sunbeams rise,

Fearless cries,

Unspeakable Joy,

In the darkest of times.


Uncertainty almost overcame,

Even with weary eyes,

They wonder why,

I find warmth in the frigid night.


Unrelenting love seems to find me everytime,

Though I fight like a child,

Who doesn’t know,

The peace of letting go.


Whatever it takes,

The heaviest heart knows,

The tangible weight,

Of a love that won’t let go.


Fearlessly free,

In an abyss of peace,

An infinite grace,

I never knew.


Not because I, but because You love me I live recklessly in your love.

Not because I, but because You love me I walk upon the waters.

Because You, I love


The dead rest in peace

But I live in rest

Knowing Your victory

Became my eternity


Because I love you,

I try to love because You first loved us.


I stumbled in finding the longing of my heart.

Then heard the perfect love story which came down and shook this earth.

And came to understand the only thing that can satisfy a human heart is the one who made it.


Perfect love

Lives in the the one

Who lives in



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