Perfect Getaway

Sat, 10/11/2014 - 00:23 -- beeraye

I am deep in slumber,

Dreaming of you,

We walk along the moonlit beach

Watching and listening to the waves gently roll in

Underneath the vast, clear, star-filled sky

We stop and stare into each other's eyes,

You lean down, gently kissing me and you take me into your arms.


We start to dance,

Moving slowly from side to side,

But all of a sudden we stop.

You carefully lift my face from your broad chest,

Then you tell me how much you love me.

I reply by telling you that I love you as well and always will.


It's just then you kiss my forehead and take my hand,

We begin to walk again and find a place to sit

As we sit, we talk for hours,

It seems like we'd only been there for minutes

Then with the sun peeking over the horizon,

We watch the sun rise,

And as the gulls cry...


...I awaken from this blissful sleep,

This wonderful dream,

But sadly,

We are not far away from here together.

We are stuck in this Podunk town.

Waiting for our perfect getaway.

But I'll be patient,

Because I'll spend eternity with you.


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