The Perfect Fit

by Ariel Douglas (13 November 2014)


A perfect fit for me

Like I've been searching for

I really feel You here

In a way hadn't before

You are alive and moving

I know this place can't be perfect

But it's the best spot for me

I know You've brought me here on purpose

Just to grow or so much more?

I can feel Your presence moving

Your heartbeat in this place

I see Your children worship

And tears flood my eyes

For once, I feel accepted,

Loved, and included

For once I fit in

Amongst the ones You have called

A passion so alive

All of the time, everyday

Such a fire burning for You

I did not see in the old place

Living water rushing through the flames

Building them up rather than putting them out

Your love is so alive

I can feel Your presence again

Oh, how dearly I've missed this

How desperately I've needed it

Thank You, God, for Your Spirit

Your joy, Your hope, and Your love

In this place. Amen.


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Hey, guys! This poem is on YouTube! To find it put this in the search "30 Days of Poetry - Day 26: The Perfect Fit by Ariel Douglas". I'd love if you could give it a listen. Each poem is prefaced with an explanation of the poem and its origins. Thank you much!

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