Perdiendo Vista de mi Costa

The Sun rises and birds start to sing,

as I look out my window, 

little innocent me. 

But little did I know,

that my morning routine was about to be stopped. 

It was time for me to leave, 

momma grabbed my hand,

running down the steps.


I said goodbye to my home 

and cried the whole way. 

To the mountains and palm trees I whispered farewell. 

This was out of my hands, 

no longer child’s play. 

As I walked in the airport I knew very well,

I was leaving the country who had given me birth. 


To the U.S we made it, 

a completely new place, 

no friends, and many new things to learn. 

Language was a barrier that I quickly overcame, 

with the help of my family 

I knew everything was going to be ok.

Miami grew on me, it became my new home, 

and now i’m as happy as I was when young.


This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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