Perception = Projection

What’s a filter anyway, seems like life is full of these filters. We filter water, shelter, food, our bodies and our words, for some reason natural is no longer good enough and we require a pre filter process in order to just get by. You want to broadcast and express your thoughts – filter your words, filter your look, place makeup and chemicals in order to disguise what you were blessed with, even our reality shows are filtered in some way, our feelings are masked and we filter our identities in order to fit into categories and you and I are just a filtered expressions of what we think we should be – I am so tired of this filtering process. 

So what does filter less look like – raw open hearted passion, its perfect, its honest – it’s her being true to who she is no matter what the cost is. No labels or hidden intentions, she just is, she has this way of living with no changes, no apologies, no looking to impress or categorize, the words that she speaks are effortlessly genuine, deep breaths in and long exhales as she moves forward in this world of standardized everything, fearless, looking at her is like art only better, like background music set to the perfect scene and she was the main attraction, she was attraction, sexy and so humble, she was a gentle reflection of the purest soul, the brightest light, the most creative being, I mean perfect no buts or changes needed, well dressed from the inside out, that’s filter less. So kind was her heart, soulful and filled with wisdom, she opened her arms and gave love everywhere she went, warm embraces and the biggest heart you could experience, a once in a lifetime friend, honesty and courage, she exuded beauty without even trying, this glow this light this way of living without comparison or worry of what anyone thinks or says, she was excellence, independent and true, to be near her was inspiring, she had this loving nature about her - so unconditional, she was a free spirit, her authenticity to be herself liberated all others who came in contact with her and she didn't even know, a smile that could light up the darkest room, open arms and welcoming, she was freedom, playful and innocent, she was magnificent, untainted, a gift from God himself, she was music and dance and poetry, she was your favorite movie and your favorite song, she was the places you dreamed about and the moments you held onto for dear life, she was everything and all things beautiful, so graceful and so true, so captivated by her essence  the epitome of filter less – she is and she is and she is. 

Perception = Projection 

What is behind your eyes is far more important than what is physically in front of them.   Written by Michelle Jane Herrera

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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