I remember I was 10 when he died

The lost and deaths led to stress and heart suicide


Barely made it to 17

All the the accomplishments and hopes lost in the stream

I hope I can can make it to 17

I wanna have a future , live like a normal teen


But evidently there's a barrier


A barrier that divides the white and black american dream

violence isn't always the key


Brutality, wickedness

there all the same thing


This is what weakens our society

There's another key and its not bribery


As one we can make a strong civil nation

but we can't even help our own civilization


We shouldn't stand up just for our own kind

Stand up for all the youth, so stop being blind

God gave your own set of two eyes

Open them and up and see where the truth lies.


I wanna be able to have accomplishments, and deeds

I'll pick where Trayvon left off and finish his dreams


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