In the dark you see light -

I see the flames.

That's not the Sun burning -

This heat has no name.


The kitchen's on fire,

so I run out the door.

You stop in the middle

and lay down on the floor.


"Come with me," I beg.

You ignore my pleas.

The flames start to consume you.

It's the light you see.


"Run towards me," I tell you

You turn your head.

I'll do anything you ask -

Even stay in your stead.

Please just leave.


It's fire, not light,

But all you see

Are the glittering embers

Surrounding your feet.

Please just leave.


It's fire, not light.

That's not the Sun burning.

Now, come with me,

Before my world stops turning.


If my words can tempt you,

Just please, take a moment.

Listen to me.

See that orange on your shoe?


It's fire, not light.

I won't stop the fight.

Listen to me, if you please,

As the fire-light consumes your knees.


I know you won't listen to me

Because the light is all you see.

This poem is about: 
My family


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