A human being without boundaries

Hushing the noises from outside

Like rain criticism fall


I woke up with messy hair

Though I feel pretty when I see myself

I'm bad remembering names

But, I always smile at them



A human fearless being

Society yells at me to stop

They want me to dream like a kid

However; grown ups block me to suceed


I easily get distracted

Though when I have  goal

There's nothing that can make me stop

They call it -stubborn- I call it -persistence-



A human being full of imperfections

Everybody gets a label, so do I

Though none of us are alike


I perceive things differently

When people are hopeless and the situations is lost

I have faith summer is coming

Some call it -madness- but I call it -hope-



A human being as spontaneus as the wind

Some days I'm gray, some days I'm white

Not always happy, not always sad

Like a roller coaster is my life


I recognize there's flawlessness everywhere

Though it isn't tangible like myself

Because what makes the difference my dear

Is how I perceive every single thing.

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