Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:59 -- EOA2013


He sees balls of flame and dust.

She sees old souls that guide her path.

I see worlds beyond all of us.

They see stars, numbers, and math.


He endures the dull,

While she beholds the beauty.

All I see are the dollar signs

For this ever expensive movie. 


We all wear glasses,

And experience is our prescription.

His ears are attuned to the beats of the drum,

His twin brother’s to the singer’s diction.


I see the good that dwells beneath,

He sees the evil that’s destroyed so much.

They see a pretty woman, swaying down the street

She sees a reflection she wants to punch. 


Our perceptions make us unique,

Especially our perceptions of perfection

For when we settle our perceptions,

It is then that we choose our direction. 


And if perfection is the sun we cannot reach,

And perception is how hot that sun burns,

Then how hot should we make our sun to be?

And from the tale of Icarus, can we learn? 


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