What would I change?

Being such a broad inquisition, there could be multifarious interpretations. 

I have the option to approach this question in the most typical way, perhaps by answering with something as vague as changing world hunger, racism, or war. 

You see, each and every one of those responses would sufficiently answer the question at hand, but rather than taking the expected approach to this question, I have something else in mind.

I am thinking of something that is not often recognized as a problematic matter in today's society.

It is a problem that we tend to often look over, and many times do not even notice at all. 

If I held the power to alter anything about our familiar world as it is, I would change something so simple and diminutive, yet at the same time something that has such a compelling impact.

It would be in my best interest to change the way we see ourselves, 


We percieve ourselves quotidianly, for some inscrutable reason only focusing on the negatives. We irrationaly choose to ignore our talent and wonder, only to focus on where we fall short. 

Our flaws obscure our vision, keeping us from seeing the wonder in ourselves. 

It bothers me to think that each and every day when a person awakes to the glorious morning sun, they spend so many wasted minutes preparing themselves to take on the obtacles the rest of the day has to offer. Some cover flaws with cosmetics, others dress in popular clothing..

People misuse so much time and worry too much, only because they feel as if they do not quite measure up. 

There will always be the girl with shinier hair, the boy with straighter teeth, the person who earns better grades, the one who has a much better singing voice - there will always be someone better than you in some given way. 

In the very back of our minds, deep inside, we are always comparing ourselves to others.

People long to fit in, to be like the rest, which is absolutely frivolous if you ask me. We must endeavor to stand out, not to be ordinary, but to be ridiculously and beautifully different from one  another.

If only each and every person in this unscrupulous wolrd  could percieve themselves differently, embracing what they once saw as flaws, as extraordinary differences.

To change the perception of oneself, would not change the world as a whole, but it would change how an individual goes about living their life. 

We are so consumed with comparing ourselves to those around us that we completely forget who we really are and the differences that make us, us. 

I would like to reside in a world where each and every person sees nothing less than the very best in themselves. 

We must not take notice to what we are lacking in, because it is most important to recognize that we are blessed. Blessings come in many different ways, however, if you percieve yourself in an optimistic way, you will count more blessings than you would have ever thought possible.

Remember, we must not allow the limited perceptions of others define who we are. 



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