Photography is easy. I could do that…all you have to do is click a stupid buttonWhy do you find it so important? What’s the big deal?

I remember these words clearly. A friend of mine was criticizing one of my biggest passions in life.  

How could he say that? How could he underestimate how much actually goes into every photo? 

How much thought, adjustment, emotion in every single pixel. 

It’s not just a photo…it’s a memory, a gateway, a glance into another world. 

A portal into the past. A chasm into another culture. 

Photography is more than just a picture. It’s a way of life. 

It’s the feeling I get when I’m holding my Canon DSLR. The sleek features of my true pair of eyes. It’s not just another piece of machinery…it’s the way I see the world at my best.

The camera reveals everything to me. Every lie, every thought, every feeling. Every fake smile, every crevice, every stray hair. Every cloud, every petal, every fallen and forgotten leaf. Everything. 

It’s the feeling of accomplishment when I look down at the small screen and see my picture for the first time and it’s beautiful. 

It’s the feeling of confidently knowing that I adjusted the aperture, exposure, and shutter perfectly. 

It’s the feeling of comfort. The kind of comfort in a cup of warm cocoa. The kind of comfort in your own home. The kind of comfort that you hear in a loved one’s voice.  

Photography. Just hearing the word gives me a rush of excitement and hunger. 

So, to the friend of mine, you don’t think photography is so trivial now, do you?


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