Tue, 01/07/2014 - 21:53 -- EmS


Butterflies can't give kisses.

They cannot kiss me goodnight 

They cannot hold me in their arms. 

You used to do that. 

You told me Butterfly kisses never went away. 

You did. 

It was harmless childs play

Until you disappeared into the abyss.

Those butterfly kisses disappeared.

Replaced with elegant designs for the worls to see. 


Butterflies can't give kisses. 

But they have beauty that amazes. 

Butterflies cannot hold me in their arms, for they do not have arms. 

They have wings that fly them to safety-

Those elegant designs on my arms were all those who told me i could not. 


My arms are now my dreams. 

Filled with I can. 

The scars are the past. 

Building blocks. 

The butterfly on my arm,

Will kiss you goodnight. 

It will hold you when you are scared. 

It will prove you wrong by doing all the things you said it could not. 


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