Pep Talk

I am the lust child of a rock and a sad place 

They go by depression and self-destructive tendencies

They make loud love in the darkest crevices of my mind

A climax manifests in the swell of a splintering headache, labored breathing 

in the shivers raking down my back 

When I convulse, they cry out 


I am the earthquake and they are the epicenter 

I didn't choose this life nor the calloused hands with which I've been dealt 

If I could do this on my own, I would kick those torrid lovers

out of my gelatinous abode 

They'be over stayed their welcome

But honestly, they never were 


Celexa and Risperdol are their kryptonite 

From feelings of gratuitous despair to steady flowing content I rise 

Delusions of grandeur, telepathic everybody, and poisoned food 

to peace and clarity I come dashing with open arms and tears staining my cheeks 


Note to self: 

I love you

It's okay 

They won't be around forever 

The rent is late and they don't have enough for this month 

They will be evicted, sweetheart 


All in God's due time 

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