People of the World

Humanity used to be beautiful,
But it is poisoned by sin.
Hate grows as Man lets it sprout,
It causes hurt, suffering, and death
Stop this deadly disease

For the People of the World.


Put love and hope in your hearts,
It is the treatment for all the sickness;
Show love for people in different variants
Whether Dark-skinned to pale-skinned
Or Woman to Man,
They are both the masterpieces of God, his best creation;
There is no wrong of being open-minded,
It displays the value of People of the World.


Never be bitter or hold a grudge if you've been hurt,
It's like being pierced in the stomach by a dagger.
If you wish to remain torn inside as you live on,
Your life will remain damned.
Instead, forgive or forget,
They help heal the pain of your scars


Don't remain envious or full of pride,
They lead to more pain and more sadness;
As you keep thinking your best is not as great,
It leads you to doubts and madness.
Be a good sport. You still have a gift for glory,
So you can pass it on to the People of the World.

~ Malcolm White

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My community
My country
Our world
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