People Throw Rocks at Things That Shine

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Cinderella,

Her story seemingly ends in joy - she married her fella!

And although most know this iconic tale,

It is quite mistold, one we don’t know well.

For Cinderella had a matching twin,

Who went by the name of Adelyn.

Growing up Cinderella’s father was quite partial to her,

And Adelyn relentlessly felt herself inferior.

When the wicked step-mother came to town,

She loved Adelyn as one of her own.

On the night of the ball the tables turned,

As Adelyn snitched on her sister in anger.  

 “Cinderella went to the ball and fell in love with a prince!”  

She yelled as her step-mother listened with a wince.

“That girl has been the root of all my issues.

I’ll go upstairs and i’ll find that glass shoe.”

Then the dungeon is where Cinderella was ordered,

To a place she would never escape the lady was quartered.

When the prince and all his men arrived at this home,

Adelyn played the part of her sister, now forever alone.

Since the sisters were identical the slipper fit Adelyn just as snug,

And when she brought out the other iridescent shoe the prince misjudged.

He took the counterfeit Cinderella to be his wife,

And she faked the part of her sister the rest of her life.

The wicked step mother became rich and powerful, of course,

While the untrue story of Cinderella became famous over all the earth.   

Therefore, this fairytale ends quite differently than what we always knew,

Poor Cinderella locked up - all because of jealousy and the size of her beloved glass shoe.     




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