By the People, For the People, But Not Equal



The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. The Holy Grail of idealisms, and the foundation of America, land of the free. Though is it really free? Free of terror? Free of discrimination? Free of hate? Is this not the word that millions of feminists are currently marching for? The word that took 246 years of slavery and 12 years of peaceful protesting to extend its benefits to the “people of color”?




The poster child of how society has advanced from their ancestral counterparts. But have we REALLY gained equality? The state of being equal on all fronts? Of course not. If that were true, why are there protests? Why are police getting paid vacation leave for killing unarmed civilians? Why is there still discrimination? Why is there poverty? The answer to all of this is quite simple.




The state of unanimous equity. The essential fuel to the undying patriotism that propels us forward to this so-called “progression”, while simultaneously averting our eyes from the actual problem at hand. The question defies the very principles this country was founded on. Is equality applicable to civilization? And if it is, how do we, the people, attain it?




The quest to an unknown destination that has both begun and ended. A journey that loops indefinitely. An image without color. A food without taste. A blizzard without snow. A book without pages. A lyric without words. A speech without an audience. Incomplete. A glass half full. Yes, America has made its fair share of amendments to better meld itself into the frame of this concept, but it is by no means finished. What we have currently is, for the lack of better words, a partial equality. Otherwise known as inequality.




Is evil. That's what the majority Americans believe, anyway. Ever heard of communism? Sure, it may not be the most practical way to run a capitalist nation, but has anyone ever wondered why. Again, the answer is blatantly obvious. Equality. Is it fair for a doctor to be paid the same as a janitor with no additional benefits? Nothing to reward the individual who has a much more challenging occupation? That is up for interpretation. Equality is interpretation. So you tell me. What is,



If we are currently living in equality, in a country of equal men, then equality is not equality. It is misconception. It is deception. It is a dream.


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