People, Oh People

People, oh people

They will treat you well, usually only when they want something

Thats how society is these days, take, but never give

Its always "i want more" instead of how can i help YOU

These people walk around like they own the world

And that everything revolves around them

But you see life is more than recieving and taking

Its giving, and loving

And love is not shown through possession and gifts

But through emtion!

Why do people not understand?

Its not hard, you give, and you shall receive

But people only hear the ending, receive

And instead of being content with what they have

They waste time on fantasies of things they wish they had

People, oh people

Stop taking. Start giving

And when i say give i do not mean to give a gift or money

I mean to give your time and respect and sometimes just a hug

People, oh people

Learn to be satisfied

And learn to humble yourselves not just before God but before everyone

It all comes down to a basic yet extravagant question

Who do you love more?

Others, or yourself?

People, oh people



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