People of different shades


United States
26° 46' 16.5468" N, 80° 4' 12.9216" W

Lost soul
Lost faces
One Color
Lost Races
Here but not in existence, just traces
Draws warnings on these spaces
Knows but doesn't feel
Wounded but never healed
Eyes open or close they see
Nothing but pain and hurt
these are there faces
their expression mocks are soul
Sit in our empty hole
Where it seems always cold
Though small they swallow us whole
Yet we act as if life was a stroll
Not noticing the hot rocks beneath our feet
As if our hearts doesn't beat
Gravity not needed because we put ourselves down
Just because we're different shades of brown
In the devil's blue eyes we drown
These aren't my words;
They speak for themselves
Their silence screams truth, but always fails

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