People are People, So Let's Grow a Heart

In all US history, we’ve never been good

At treating people the way that we should.

We’ve always seemed to make a huge fuss

When someone looks or acts different than us.

Whether it’s color, culture, or even prayer

Different has meant that we don’t treat them fair.

We need to stop this before it tears us apart.

Come on, America, let’s grow a heart!


America was founded on the insatiable creed

That anyone can live here if they need.

They shouldn’t be bullied if they come from a place

That doesn’t have people of another’s race.

Each time this happens, it chips away

At the dream made on Independence Day.

Let’s stop racism now; we need to be smart.

We’re all the same, so let’s grow a heart!


Laws have been made along the way

But even these are ignored today.

This isn’t something Congress can correct

It can only be solved by goodness and respect.

We the people need to solve this as one

And it will be beautiful once we’re done.

We will do it as one, not alone or apart;

People are people, so let’s grow a heart!


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My country



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