I’ll never understand people,

Always pointing out the negative.

Always giving reasons why we shouldn’t.

Always asking “why” instead of “how”.


“This world is just terrible” is what they all say,

But what happened to the positive people.

The optimists who saw the best in everything.

The people who defined the phrase “salt of the earth”

Like everything else in existence, they are truly awesome.


From the smallest blade of grass crowded by similar individuals

To the tallest of trees, a cut above the rest.

From a newborn sprout in its stages of development,

To falling leaves, soon to be littered along the roads.

Animals, plants, stones, nooks and crannies.


How can I put such an amazing title on everything?

Nothing in the world is exactly the same.

Yet everything is connected as if we are all on a web.

How can we call such a world ugly

When there are so many beautiful qualities a meter away?


I will never understand people.

Their ways of negativity.

Quick to judge but slow to observe.

If one were to really to take a moment.

Breathe in, breathe out, look around.

Would they notice all the positive right in front of them,

Or remain in the hold of a pessimist? 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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