This is for the People


This is for the people.

This is for MY people.

This is for the people who see the possibilities, know their capabilities, love their personality, those who have the tendency, the decency to be themselves.

Those who when the doubters ask,

“Why can’t you be like her?”

“Why can’t you be like him, or we or they?”, and they say, “Because I am me!”

This is for those people.

This is for the great, not the fake, the loud and the proud, the ones with heart and the smarts,

The ones who use their voices not just to talk, but to actually say something.

This is for the people like me, who hid their GOD given talents until one day it just spilled, no poured, no BURST out of you!

This is for the people who have a story to tell, a sermon to preach, a book to write, and a speech to give, a message to leave, a lesson to be taught, a child to educate, a legacy to pass on, and the dedication, determination, magnification, and expectations of someone who is worthy to do so.

This is for the people who not only see who they truly are, but like what they see.

Someone who looks in the mirror, smiles and says, “Hey, good lookin’.”

This is for the little girl, singing into a hair brush, watching herself in the mirror, and seeing someone beautiful, spectacular, talented and confident.

This is for the little boy, sitting on the stoop of his apartment building, seeing the squalor of his home, seeing what he wants to change, seeing people he wants to help, seeing crime he wants to stop, and making the decision, right then and there to be the revolution, the resolution and conclusion of the sad life of his generation and generations to come.

This is for my people who had nothing but gave their all, who picked up someone after their fall, who had the strength to answer the call, someone who is small, but actions stand tall, who has the dream to do it all, to overcome and break down walls!

This is for my people, my “sistahs and brothas”, fathers and mothers, the fighters and lovers, the bound and the free, the you and the me, the us and the we, everyone with a name ‘cause we all are the same!

Those who were slain so we all could gain.

This is for the people!


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