Pennies for Thoughts

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 01:49 -- jaylz24

Money, money, money,

I used to think it was funny.


People say it makes many smile.

Yet, the need for money is unpleasant, haunting, and vile.

As a kid, I was made to believe money grew on trees.

Thanks to my father's tireless effort to pay all my fees. 


Since the turn of the year,

I definitely shed more than one tear.

Paying for college is no easy task.

and I certainly have more than one question to ask.


There are scholarships, grants, and financial aids.

The need for these is heavily displayed.

The deadlines approach fast,

and I'm growing more desperate with each one that has passed.


Facing challenges at every twist and turn.

but, each one offers another lesson to learn.

In time, with the help of my father,

Financial problems are slowly becoming less of a bother.


Money, money, money,

With God's help, my days are turning a little more sunny.

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My family
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