Penitentiary System

Lips unmoving
But many of the others are speeding.
My eyes can't seem to get past
The large crowd of people,
All with the same outfit on.
Reminds me of the army,
But where I am is worse.
Nothing is allowed.
There's is no such thing as
Speaking out,
Or having your own thought.
Lord knows,
That's how you got here
In the first place.
And then of course
There are the trivial things;
No phone calls unless monitored
No belongings unless searched
No visitors unless scanned
No anything unless approved
By the watchful guard's in the towers and offices.
Surrounded by black spiked fence,
With cameras in little crooks,
And eyes everywhere.
You are nothing but a number here.
You seep in what you are told,
But never know if it's worth wile.
Counseled to believe
You are getting what you deserve,
But are you really?
Everything is based on
Irrelevant numbers and averages,
That can either set you free
Or keep you handcuffed.
Do nothing unless told otherwise,
Do nothing other than what you're told.
Locked down,
Beaten down,
Can't get up.
Will I have anything
To help me survive
On the other side
If I ever get out?
I have to rely on myself,
Because this is a race to the top,
And I'm falling behind
Because of these actions
I am told to replicate
Based on the past.
I am the child left behind,
Along with a others I see,
All dressed like me.
Someone save me.
Someone save us.
Excuse me.
The bell rang.
I have to get to my next class now.



This poem outright addresses the fact that in many schools, students do not feel appreciated as individuals, because they are only viewed as numbers. If you send this poem to your school I'm sure it would make a big difference in the way teachers think about their students.


I love how this shows how stuck many students feel in school and how they feel their freedom is limited. It's like any creativity and indviduality is taken away.




Exremely striking. Love it!


Wow. This is so powerful. I was mystified all throughout your poem. First I thought it might have been about Iran or something because of your photo, then I thought it was a mental hospital, and finally I was convinced that it was a prison until I read the end, which threw me off completel . Beautifully written and great organization. Love it!!

Jan Wienen

Thanks for the insight ...


that last sentence really got to me. You set this poem up really nicely and the description is amazing too.

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