Pencil & Eraser

My one on one time begins as soon as I pick up this pencil
Writing to release these contemplations
The lead takes me to a process of distillation
As I am being careful not to run out from this eraser
Our everyday decision can be related to an eraser
Once you run out from your eraser you cannot wipe away any errors
So you carefully choose and think wiser
Being mindful of the lackness of the eraser
Live life as if you were running out from your own eraser
That way you pursue perfection
And not mistakes.
(Be the lead that runs out quicker than the eraser)


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice simile

life is like a pencil and eraser

what you write needs to legible in order to be authentic and implemented

don;t have time to make unnecessary corrections, like the idea behind this poem

Mafi Grey

This is really good too, I like this one too and I can relate to this as well. Checkout my poem

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