The Pen that Saved Me

I lived and I praised and I loved and I gave

And Finally

I was empty



In Me

Been turned to the side by the mind's greatest enemy


What a taboo word

"Hush child, 

Not at the Dinner Table."


So I picked up a pen 

And I wrote a letter

About ending my life

Everything had turned blah

Six syllables of me

And I poured my soul through

The pen onto the page

And I just kept writing

Afraid that if i stop'd

I'd face darkness again


But my pen pierced the darkness

Like a shining, silver sword

And slowly it funneled



I'd forgotten what a breath felt like, 

What are my cheeks doing?

I'd forgotten smiles. 

And my pen became my life support

As I stroked out words

The fire in my soul was stoked

And I blazed again

I lived again


And as long as I keep writing

I will never be empty

Because the word fills me to the brim 

And I overflow 




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