The Pen is Just in My Hand


I give my all

My dreams are my youth

Take them away from me

I’m a T-shirt, shorts, and shoes.

And you know damn well that I’m gonna fight,

Because when it comes to my dreams

When it comes to my life,

Nobody is walking away with them

Not death not knife.


I come from a city where the value of a dollar is never grasped,

Kids cut school

Flunk math

just to get high after every class.

Send them a line,

They need to be reeled in

We’re a generation of youth that was never signed, sealed, or delivered

But we’re still yours to deal with.

And as long as I can see the stars

As long as I can hope

As long as I can feel

As long as I can love…

I will be living for one and giving to all.


My life and my words

Good and the above

Are not from me.

This pen is just in my hand

The motions I make are simply from he.

I live for jesus,

The only Jesus Christ.

He died for me so I may live,

He died to take my strife.


So hear my words and resonate in your drums

Let life speak to you.

When it’s done tearing you down,

Look to the heavens

For your father is looking down.


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