Pen and paper


I write to express how I feel to let what is in my mind and heart out

It is easier to write in an old notebook where you are suppose to take your school notes maybe math, English, science anything but it’s hard to concentrate when you have something you want to let out

And all I have is my pen and paper with me a poem to me is like a story that you just have to write and maybe one day you can re-read it this was because I felt like this at that time

Something you can have and won’t forget

I know if I talk to someone about how I feel they might not understand or might not care what I have to say they might judge after

But that’s why I write with my pen and paper the ink and lines are just there waiting to flow with me it doesn’t matter if I get of topic if I cry if I smile if it’s an angry poem a love poem a poem that is too short a poem that can be a book a poem that is all over the place with mistakes

My pen and paper wont judge me it will give me space and the lines to let what’s inside of me out 


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