The ink of a pen is will.

The structure of a pen is control.

Writing with a pen is applying skill.

Moving a pen takes thought.

Making a quote famous acquires the quantity of compassion.

And last but not least is the model of the pen,

never judge a pen by its structure, its color,

its fine font of writing,or the color of its ink.


A pen is only a pen when being used,

any other day it's an object that never stops thinking of moving

and applying the thoughts of the greats that will forever be remembered.

I say that the pen that I write with is inspirational.

Its structure is its identity, its color is its race, its ink is its emotion, 

and its ability to write is its will to think and do.

I'm a pen.

I think, I write, I have a color, I have thoughts,

and I think of the nonsense of why

I'm steady bleeding red ink onto these pages when my ink clearly looks blue?


Mafi Grey

Please comment as much as you can. It motivates me to write, when i have an audience behind me. Thanks

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