Peering eyes burn it down!





Eyes staring

curious eyes

they gawk

they stare


looking once

looking twice

never sure if eyes deceive

looking again

it must be true


People whisper

did you see her

People glare

eyes furious


Children point

snickering a giant’s coming

Old men laugh

saying Godzilla’s coming


The old the young

everyone looking

Rude comments said

eyes amazed


A tall, oddly tall, slender

pale skinned, redheaded girl

Boys and girls look

eyes curious  


Strangers approach

questions arise

assumptions are made


Do you play basketball?



Oh no what a shame, what a waste.


What school do you go to?

Homeschooled, Oh then you must be smart!

So you do school all day.

How do you know how to socialize?


Questions are asked

same old questions

disappointments are made  


Labels, Labels are created

shes tall, opinionated, rude,shy,

intolerant, weird, too serious, too skinny

Labels are assumptions


Shes heard it all

every question, snicker, and whisper

Shes seen it all

every sneer, smile, and aw


All eyes on her

not by choice

every curious, mischievous

lustful eye


She wishes

wishes they didn’t  look

wishes they didn’t stare


Girls look with menacing eyes

searing eyes, jealous eyes

names are called

whore, skank, tramp, bitch.


Boys look with lustful eyes

cocky eyes thinking

I’m another body, another plaything

eyes full of wonder full of delight

tongues tied with dirty jokes

mouths spit words like acid


No matter what she wears

No matter what she says

People stare eyes unmoving

Nasty comments said


Although its not always bad

Sometimes people look with amazement

unfathomable eyes unaware

their gaze turning into a stare

Sometimes nice things are said


Enough Enough with the assumptions

Enough with the questions

can't you see I’m going insane

its all too much


Enough I’m not some side show freak

I don't belong in a circus

I’m not a giant, not Godzilla.


Tired of it all

shields are put up

walls are lowered

a mask plastered on my face

No one will see.


People assume modeling will be her career

Assume she has no brains

Assume shes a great athlete


Tired of assumptions

she wishes she could tell

her body’s fragile unable to compete

She wishes they could see her not her body


Doctors said shes a medical miracle

said she shouldn't be alive

said shes incurable


Joints pop and crack

bend but don’t snap

dislocate and relocate

Pain sharp like a piercing knife


Ice packs and pain pills

numb for awhile

A little more cartilage

solution to her problem


Friends are lost names are called


more walls are put up

unable to be hurt

unable to be seen


Friends are made

secrets are kept

pain erupting


Tired of hiding

Tired of secrets

Tired of pain

tear down walls, let everyone know

burn the curtains from the wall

uncover the mask plastered on my face


Light a match

Grab a sledge hammer

Join the fun making me feel

naked and exposed


Here I am for all to see

the real me

look with your heart

mot your eyes to truly see


I am not what they said

labels untrue

I’m not broken

just need more glue


My body is unique

my mind as well

I’m a rare breed

a black spot on the wall

Everyone notices its ok


Time to be free

and let everyone see


I’m smart not a brainiac

smart in my own way

smarter than you think

underestimate me, go ahead I dare you

I will prove you wrong


I may be opinionated

only about things that matter

I’m compassionate

I love helping people


I just want my chance

a chance to make a difference

a chance to help

a chance to care when no one else did


I made the mistake

of hiding my true self

now I’m out in the open

not caring who sees

I am free


You can stare all you want

glare, make rude comments, dirty jokes

I don't care everyone else does

But i guess that what happens when you 6’2


No more slouching

No more secrets

No more caring

what they say.


I am Here

   here to stay.











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