A Peek Into my World of Imagination

An expanse of worlds stretches out before my eyes,
An eternity of space and time.
A never-ending realm of possibilities.
This is my imagination.
A single, solitary world passes me by,
So similar to my own, yet so different
In people, in culture.
I ignore it for something better than
A dystopian future,
Something far more inspirational
Than a post-cataclysmic realm.
The next world I see is different
Than the first; does it have potential?
It does; there are things here
That could happen nowhere else.
And yet...it does not seem right to me.
There is something still missing from this place.
The next world -- yes!
This is the one I have been searching for;
The one which has been eluding me.
It carries hints of what is my home,
Rumors of what we know.
And yet, it is filled with beings not of this world;
Of peoples and places that are not familiar.
I make note of it's position in the stars and its nature in tales.
Then I move on to find more.
Many worlds pass under my gaze
Until I find an old world.
A world which I had long ago discovered,
But left to age while I searched elsewhere.
While once, this world had lost my attention,
Had deviated from my interest,
It now has a sort of charm and intrigue,
As though it wishes to gain favor with me.
I reach out and touch this world,
To see what has changed;
To search for what it is that has
Caught my gaze.
I find it swiftly.
Yes; a change has been made here.
This is not the world I had left. It is
An alternate realm that has me in its thrall, now.
I place my mark on this place and
Am about to move on when I see
A non-world flying nearby;
A space ship with no home.
What is this? A connection to other lands?
Yes, it is. A tie that brings
A large part of the universe together,
That leaves a trail in the stars from
One globe to another.
I am intrigued by this. I inspect the ship,
And find a dream--new in form, and dangerous.
I must be careful with this one.
Creatures lurk here that should not
Be unleashed; must not find the other realms.
I create a barrier here; I freeze the ship.
This flitting thing carries
A major tale that must be spun.
Now I look over the entire universe;
Over this realm and the many other layers.
Trails of stars now connect many
Worlds across these planes.
I see much work ahead of me, and I am glad for it.
For nothing pleases a recorder of stories more
Than a busy life ahead of them.


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