A Pebble in Your Hand

I am but a pebble in your hand.

How easily could you cast me away
And instantly forget every memory you had of me?
Would I not blend with the other pebbles, stones, and rocks?
Would I not become only an insignificant addition to the scenery?

Oh, but I would. 
Because a hand such as yours has held many pebbles, stones, and rocks. 
And a hand such as yours has grown tired of holding each after so short a time.

Pebbles such as I need hands such as yours. 
Pebbles such as I are looked upon fondly but always cast aside. 
So as long as your hand is open for a pebble such as I,
I will look upon you as fondly as I look upon the stars
Because I am but a pebble in your hand.


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