Pebble Majesty

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 23:23 -- hickslk


Mountains are majestic things

For all of us to see

But if I had to take the choice

I think I would decide

To not be this monument

For the art of earth and sky

Mountains are majestic things

That I think we know

That I’d refuse overall

To be part of this show

For though they are majestic

And stand so strong and tall

We often miss the picture

That is oh so very small

No, I wouldn’t want to be a mountain

Of this I am sure

But I’d wish I was a pebble

So small, smooth, and pure

Not the pebble at the top

For it tends to have no say

Of where it moves and where it goes

The wind has its ways

For if I was a pebble

I believe I would like

To be the one on the bottom

For all to see my might

I’ll hold the mountains high

And show that I am strong

To prove to all the mountains high above me

That I truly do belong


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