Peanut the Princess Puppy

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 21:55 -- ebert42

Peanut the puppy is pretty and playful

Pretty as a princess so happy and cheerful

She wears pink pinstriped pants and a parka of purple

And boots on her feet of pure periwinkle


Pale pink and purple with bright periwinkle

A rainbow of color she lights up the room

Chin high in the air with her silky combed hair


She plays with her big and bouncy blue ball

Her favorite toy that she loves most of all

She bats it and bites it, it dances and skips


Like an Olympic gymnast she tumbles, oh boy

Her eyes twinkle with joy as she chases her toy

Prancing around and so full of delight

She kicks her blue ball and it rolls out of sight


She flies around the corner, only to find

Her beloved ball beneath the cat’s big behind

 “Meow!” the cat’s mad old voice fills the room

That old cat was mean, always full of gloom


Peanut was worried and frightened and sad

She missed her beloved blue ball oh so bad

Her heart was so broken, beyond all repair

So sure that fat cat did not even care


Poor Peanut trembles with oh so much fear

Her true love so far, and yet oh so near


Peanut stared at that cat, right in the eye

And to her surprise the cat sat there and sighed

Could it be true that the cat was not mean?

Peanut grew hopeful it felt like a dream


The cat moved aside and she let out a cry

Her ball! Her ball! She jumped way up high

Peanut the princess she danced with her ball

While her new friend the cat sat, watching it all


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