The Peace within Poetry

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 22:24 -- mdawit1

I think of you

I think of you when life gets stressful

I think of you when it feels like I'm falling

I think of you before I go to sleep

And you bring me peace

You bring me peace like no other

The type of peace when sitting in blissful silence

The type of peace when listening to jazz music

The type of peace when I feel like I'm laying in the clouds

You clear my mind

You clear my mind of all thoughts, good or bad

You bring me stability

You bring me happiness

You give me clarity

You give me sense of mind and soul

You give me Love


Relaxation is what I feel when I hear you read from someones lips


Purity is what I see when I hear your thoughts


Love is what makes you, you. It displays your beauty


Peace is what I think when I think of you

Peace is what you bring to me


You are, my Peace

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