Peace of Mind

It is 2:36 a.m in the morning

Fogs and floods outside my window

House as quiet as my mind when my corpse lay to rest 

And all I can think of is love.

Not the actions of love, not the thought of being in love, not even thinking of love JUST being love

Its greater than that.

Anger is an illusion

And happiness is a reality

Ive realized that illusions and fairytales has consumed our lives

and soon our souls.

Be pure within.

Although you may have a million seeds in your chest,

your sins.

You know, those " you reap what you sow" kind of sins.

Those " I knew it was a sin but i did it anyways" kinda sins.

You ever wonder why you havent been stricken yet?

Because of love

God loves all his children and if anger was such a magnificent force we would all be dust before another dawn

Take heed  to what the eye shows you you but it takes knowledge and understanding to analyze what the heart feels.

And no this is not a poem.

Its more like a message.

My soul is awoke now

Im no longer sleeping, I feel my insides glow like the sun on a summer morning

The curiosity of the owl that night turned into te consciousness of the singing birds the next morning

the moral of the story is...

Love will never be an easy thing to understand

But its worth it.

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