Peace and Quiet

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 14:44 -- de-v1de

By all accounts

by all admission

I live a damn good life

I owe that to my parents who

with years of their lives

made sure I could have

what I need


I can spend hours surfing the net

watching video after video

listening to song after song

I can spend hours reading

novel after novel

I can spend hours writing

idea after idea

I can spend hours watching TV

show after show

I can spend hours gaming

match after match

I can spend hours talking

on the phone and face to face


I've got everything I need

I've got amazing friends

I've got the girl of my dreams

I've got an electric guitar that I don't even play!

By all accounts

my life is pretty cushy


which brings us

to the island

Music, the written word, pizza

YouTube, my girlfriend,

my family, air conditioning,

video games, Dr. Pepper

all facets of my life

all something I can't live without




there is one

that trumps them all

something I don't even need

to bring with me

but grows in abundance

in the darkness of my room

while I drift off to sleep

in the seconds between songs

ears covered in headphones

in the loading screens of my games

pixels taking a breather

in the slivers of pages

seen edge-on from one to the other

in the period

a dot from my pen


maybe I wouldn't like to bring anything 

not more noise and color

maybe i'd like to return to

what grows in abundance in deserted islands

i'd like to return to


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